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Git server implemented in ABAP


via abapGit


by activating the ServiceName ZABAPGITSERVER in transaction SICF


to use it via the web frontend by running transaction ZABAPGITSERVER (or right click on the SICF service ZABAPGITSERVER and choose Test Service)

Merge requests

abapGitServer supports merge requests between two branches of the same repo.

Creating branches

After creating a new branch, push it directly to abapGitServer before committing any changes:

git branch <new>
git push origin <new>

After this operation you can make your changes and commit them to the new branch. When you push a new branch with new commits, the operation will fail.


2018-02-25: Support for tags added, use conversion program ZAGS_MIGRATION_03 to convert old repositories

2018-01-21: Field ADLER32 added in database table ZAGS_OBJECTS, use conversion program ZAGS_MIGRATION_02 to convert old repositories

2018-01-13: Make sure you have the latest development version of abapGit installed

2017-03-12: Key field REPO added in database table ZAGS_OBJECTS, use conversion program ZAGS_MIGRATION_01 to convert old repositories



Version requirement



  • Web interface: browse/create repository
  • No tags, no submodules, no blame
  • Primarily tested with abapGit as client

Use cases

  • Automatic backup of objects
  • Increased visibility over changes in system

Works with 'git pull' from command line, so all objects can be exported to a different git server if needed, guide

Use with abapGit

abapGit is your git client and the abapGitServer our server. We first have to setup the ssl connection with the root certificate of the sap system the abapGitServer is running on. After that the abapGitServer can be used like every other git server.

External libraries

Library Version License
spinkit 1.2.5 MIT
react 15.2.1 Facebook BSD + Patents
babel-standalone 6.23.1 MIT
babel-polyfill 6.23.0 MIT
react-router 2.5.2 MIT
history 2.1.2 MIT
prism 1.6.0 MIT
octicons 3.5.0 MIT
jsdiff 2.2.3 BSD-3-Clause
jquery 2.2.3 MIT
diff2html 2.3.0 MIT
wasm-git 0.0.4 GPL with linking exception


See wiki