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Flask, ReactJS/Redux and webpack Boilerplate
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  • SQLALCHEMY with basic user schema for authentication in app/models

  • Facebook and Google authentication and form login

  • ReactJS and Redux are in: app/static/src

  • Bootstrap v4 which can easily be replaced. Styles are in: app/static/src/styles

  • Mailgun transactional mails. All settings are in: app/

  • Webpack asset management

Others include Babel internationalizing, WTForms, timeago jinja filter (app/ and a simple json serializer in `app/models/

Get started:

Back end:

The configurations are in app/ You can customize the Makefile to suit your setup.

    git clone my-project-name
    cd my-project-name && rm -r .git

Then install the static assets and run webpack:

    npm install && npm run dev (to build run npm run build)

Then install Flask, create the database schema:

    make env

    make createdb

    make local

It is now running locally on: localhost:5000.

You can also run the flask using:

    source venv/bin/activate
    ./ runserver (or app_ENV="prod" ./ runserver for production)

Front end

You can run two commands with the webpack server: webpack --dev for development which will watch for changes and generate files in app/static/dev. And for production: webpack --build which will build assets for production in app/build.

All webpack configuration are in webpack.config.js and

Note: If you want to use react-lite instead, you can enable it in the webpack.config.js under resolve alias.

ReactJS command line

Since the ReactJS/Redux is based on React Webpack Generator including Redux support you can also use its command line tools.notice

    Install dependencies

    npm install -g yo
    npm install -g generator-react-webpack-redux


    Navigate to: app/static


    Generating new reducers

    yo react-webpack-redux:reducer my/namespaced/reducers/name
    yo react-webpack-redux:reducer items


    Generating new actions

    yo react-webpack-redux:action my/namespaced/actions/name
    yo react-webpack-redux:action addItem

    Generating new components

    yo react-webpack-redux:component my/namespaced/components/name
    yo react-webpack-redux:component button

    Generating new containers

    yo react-webpack-redux:container my/namespaced/container/Name
    yo react-webpack-redux:container wrapper


Special thanks to: React Webpack Generator including Redux support for which this boilerplate is partly based.

SurviveJS for a thorough Webpack guide and examples.

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