LeafLabs Maple Hardware Design Files
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The license is CC-BY-SA 2.0.

Signed-off-by: Marti Bolivar <mbolivar@leaflabs.com>


This file contains the hardware design files for the LeafLabs Maple.

The design files for Maple Rev 1 live in maple-r1.  Similarly, Revs 3
and 5 respectively live in maple-r3 and maple-r5.

Rev 5 has not seen any electrical changes since its first release, but
we've changed it silkscreen in order to fix a couple of mistakes since
its first release.

Looking for something else?

* The source code for the libmaple library used for LeafLabs devices
  is available at https://github.com/leaflabs/libmaple

* The source code for the Maple IDE used to develop for LeafLabs
  devices is available at https://github.com/leaflabs/maple-ide

* The hardware design files for other LeafLabs boards are also
  available in separate repositories: