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Dashboarding and Tooling front-end for PowerShell Empire using PowerShell Universal Dashboard
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BlueCommand 🌌

BlueCommand is a dashboard and tooling front-end for PowerShell Empire using PowerShell Universal Dashboard from Adam Driscoll

WARNING: This project does not nearly scratch the surface of interacting with all the capababilites of PowerShell Empire. This was a project to help my learn / play around with PowerShell Empire and its' REST API. You will be much better served in life but actually learning how to use PowerShell Empire :)


  • Web Dashboard / Controller for PowerShell Empire!
  • Utilizes the Empire REST API and PowerShell Universal Dashboard
  • PowerShell Empire Integration
  • Rest Integration to retrieve Empire Instance Information (Agents, Modules Downloads)
  • Rest Integration to Execute Modules on Agents.
  • SCP to Download Agent Results / Downloads

Searching and Executing Modules on Empire Agents

Retrieving Agent Downloads

Getting Started


  1. Install Universal Dashboard Install-Module UniversalDashboard -AccecptLicense
  2. Install PoshSSH Install-Module -Name Posh-SSH
    • PoshSSH is used to run SCP commands to extract agent artifacts.
  3. Install PowerShell Credential Manager Install-Module -Name CredentialManager
    • Credential Manager allows use to easily use Windows Credential Manager to auth to our Empire Server
  4. Setup PowerShell Empire
  • Run Empire with --rest command
  • Generate a Listener / Stager
  • Deploy Agents
  • Make a Note of Rest Key and Empire Server IP.


  1. Populate your environment variables in the start.ps1 Script
  2. Run the Start Script
  3. Connect to your Empire Server on the Empire Configuration Page using your Empire Server IP, and Rest API Key.
  4. BlueCommand will try and utilze POSH-SSH to SCP Download the Empire Agents Downloads/Logs - This requires a stored a "Generic Credential" in your windows credential manager to facilitate this.
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