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This is a web tool for the confluentinc/schema-registry in order to create / view / search / evolve / view history & configure Avro schemas of your Kafka cluster.

Live Demo


You will need schema-registry installed with CORS enabled.

In order to enable CORS, add in /opt/confluent-3.x.x/etc/schema-registry/


And then restart the [schema-registry] service

Get the set up locally

We also provide the schema-registry and schema-registry-ui as part of the fast-data-dev docker image for local development setup that also gives all the relevant backends. Just run:

docker run -d --name=fast-data-dev -p 8081:8081 landoop/fast-data-dev

Checkout more about fast-data-dev docker container here

Running it via Docker

To run it via the provided docker image:

docker pull landoop/schema-registry-ui
docker run --rm -p 8000:8000 \
           -e "SCHEMAREGISTRY_URL=http://confluent-schema-registry-host:port" \

Please see the docker readme for more information and how to enable various features or avoid CORS issues via the proxy flag.

Build from source

    git clone
    cd schema-registry-ui
    npm install
    npm start

Web UI will be available at http://localhost:8080

Nginx config

If you use nginx to serve this ui, let angular manage routing with

    location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.html =404;
        root /folder-with-schema-registry-ui/;

Setup Schema Registry clusters

Use multiple schema registry clusters in env.js :

var clusters = [
       // Schema Registry service URL (i.e. http://localhost:8081)
       SCHEMA_REGISTRY: "http://localhost:8081", //
       COLOR: "#141414", // optional
       readonlyMode: true // optional
       SCHEMA_REGISTRY: "http://localhost:8383",
       COLOR: "red", // optional
       allowGlobalConfigChanges: true, // optional
       //allowTransitiveCompatibilities: true        // if using a Confluent Platform release >= 3.1.1 uncomment this line

  • Use COLOR to set different header colors for each set up cluster.
  • Use allowGlobalConfigChanges to enable configuring Global Compatibility Level from the UI.
  • Use allowTransitiveCompatibilities to enable transitive compatibility levels. This is supported in SR >= 3.1.1
  • Use allowSchemaDeletion to enable schema deletion from the UI. This is supported in SR >= 3.3.0
  • Use readonlyMode to prevent any configuration or schema changes from the UI. It overwrites the previous parameters (allowGlobalConfigChanges, allowSchemaDeletion).




The project is licensed under the BSL license.

Relevant Projects

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  • kafka-connect-ui, Set up and manage connectors for multiple connect clusters
  • fast-data-dev, Docker for Kafka developers (schema-registry,kafka-rest,zoo,brokers,landoop)
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