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Grid is a JavaFX (8) component that is intended for different kinds of small games that are based on a grid of squares like chess or sudoku.

Examples are:


  • The grid will resize itself automatically so that all available space is used. The aspect ratio of the squares will not be influenced by the resizing.

  • When the window is resized the grid will also automatically scale down/up.

  • The number of columns and rows of the grid can be controlled by javafx properties. This means that the grid will automatically add/remove new cells when the number of columns/rows is increased or decreased.

  • Every cell has a state that defines how it is rendered. The available states are defined by the developer with an enum.

  • There is a separation of the GridView and GridModel.

    • The GridView defines how the grid will look like. You define how a cell is rendered when it has a specific state.
    • The GridModel only controls what status the cells have. In your game logic you will only modify the gridModel.