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TI 89 Titanium emulator for the Nspire


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Downloading an image file

You may either download the .89u file from TI-Planet, or from TI directly. However, note that TI is now requiring you to fill out a form confirming that you aren't using it for an emulator—even though that's exactly what you're doing with it.

Now, take the .89u file and rename it so that it ends with .89u.tns. Now, send that to the calculator, along with the latest version of n-89. Finally, select that image when starting n-89.

Alternatively, you may create a .img file with TiEmu and load it with n-89, if you have a ROM dump from a physical TI-89.

Usage Instructions

After selecting the location of your .89u file, you will enter the emulator. Press the ?: button on your calculator to access the key picker, allowing you to press any key available on the TI-89. Press the menu key to access the quick function menu, where you can press F1-F8. Press both On and Esc at the same time to exit.


Note that I currently have no plans to work on any of these (except saving state), and this emulator is already good enough for my needs. However, I would be happy to work on additional features if people are interested. Please let me know if you would like to see any of these features.

  • Direct ROM conversion without TiEmu: there are many issues with DLLs on Windows and several issues with building TiEmu on Linux. Either having a website with WebAssembly that runs the emulator or built into the calculator app would be useful.
  • Saving state support: support for saving the RAM between launches. This would greatly speed up startup, and would allow installing additional apps and saving variables.
  • Other m68k calculators: This may already be compatible with other Motorola 68000-based calculators. However, they are not tested.
  • Other calculators: a TI-84 CE emulator would not be hard to get working by porting CEmu.
  • Faster emulator: if anyone would like to improve the TiEmu code or (preferably) port it to Rust, that would be extremely helpful. There have been no changes to TiEmu since 2007, and it likely can be optimized from there. See additional comments on the Reddit thread.



  • Ndless toolchain installed and added to path
  • gcc installed
  • Rustup installed
  • jq
  • Unix-like (tested on Linux, most likely Mac and Cygwin will work as well)

To install Rust:

curl -sSf | sh


Get started by running make to start development. Your .tns file will be available as n-89.tns.

You can toggle debug mode by changing DEBUG = FALSE at the top of the Makefile.


TI 89 Titanium emulator for the Nspire








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