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The Cornell Language, Interaction, and Learning Lab


  1. cb2 cb2 Public

    An NLP research and data collection platform.

    Python 13 3

  2. lilgym lilgym Public

    lilGym RL benchmark

    Python 6

  3. kilogram kilogram Public

    The KiloGram Tangrams dataset

    Jupyter Notebook 49 6

  4. nlvr nlvr Public

    Cornell NLVR and NLVR2 are natural language grounding datasets. Each example shows a visual input and a sentence describing it, and is annotated with the truth-value of the sentence.

    HTML 251 59

  5. touchdown touchdown Public

    Cornell Touchdown natural language navigation and spatial reasoning dataset.

    Python 88 13

  6. newsroom newsroom Public

    Tools for downloading and analyzing summaries and evaluating summarization systems.

    Perl 146 25


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