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A drawing application for the GNOME desktop.
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A simple drawing application for Linux.

This application is a basic image editor, similar to Microsoft Paint, but aiming at the GNOME desktop.

PNG, JPEG and BMP files are supported.

Besides GNOME, some more traditional design layouts are available too, as well as an elementaryOS layout. It should also be compatible with Purism's Librem 5 phone.


Default user interface (for GNOME/Budgie)

GNOME/Budgie UI, here with the main menu opened

More screenshots (version 0.4.x):

Alternative user interfaces


Last stable version


You can install it from using the instructions on this page.

Other packages available

Packaging status

Unstable/nightly version

See here

Available languages

Available tools

(last update: version 0.5-unstable)

Classic tools

  • Pencil (options: dashes, blur, eraser, …)
  • Line (options: arrow, dashes, blur, gradient, …)
  • Arc (options: arrow, dashes, …)
  • Insert text (options: font, shadow, font size, …)
  • Shape (options: filling, gradient, …):
    • rectangle
    • circle
    • oval
    • polygon
    • free shape
  • Color picker
  • Paint (options: remove a color, …)

Selection tools

These tools allow you to define an area (rectangle or free), which you can move, cut, copy, paste, edit with canvas tools, export, open as a new image, etc.

  • Rectangle selection
  • Free shape selection
  • Adjacent color selection

Canvas/selection edition tools

These tools allow to edit the whole image, or to edit a selected part of it.

  • Crop
  • Scale (options: keep proportions or not)
  • Rotate (rotate or flip)
  • Filters:
    • Blur
    • Saturation (increase or decrease)
    • Transparency
    • Invert colors
    • Pixelate

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