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Webapp Manager


Run websites as if they were apps.


How to go back without the navigation buttons?

Right-click an empty area of the Web page to show the context menu. In most browsers this menu contains navigation buttons.

How to open links in my main browser?

For Firefox, all links are always opened within the WebApp, either directly or using a new tab. To open a link in your main browser, right-click anywhere, select Copy link location and paste the link in your main browser.

Chromium and Chrome WebApps open external links in the main browser.

How to use tabs in Firefox?

Press Ctrl+Tab to cycle between opened tabs.

Press Ctrl+T to create a new tab.

Press Ctrl+W to close the current tab.

Press Ctrl when clicking a link to open it in a new tab.

How to allow new windows to open in Firefox instead of new tabs?

Press and release the Alt key to show the main menubar.

You can then reach the Settings from the Edit menu.

In the General settings tab, go to the Tabs section, uncheck Open links in tabs instead of new windows.

In the Privacy & Security section, go to Permissions and create an exception for your webapp's URL, by pressing the Exceptions... button next to it and then adding the respective URL to the list in the following pop-up window.

With this setting, new windows of the webapp will open instead of new tabs, e.g., if you follow links.

How to add extensions in Firefox (AdBlock etc.)?

Press and release the Alt key to show the main menubar.

You can then reach the Add-Ons from the Tool menu.

How to add extensions in Chromium based browsers (AdBlock etc.)?

Press Ctrl+N to open a new window.

Navigate to

Now add the extension.