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Package for use with the LiveWires Python Course.
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Livewires Python Course

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The LiveWires Python Course is intended to teach the Python programming language to people who have never programmed before. It includes:

  • worksheets for learning Python (by reading)
  • a package (which you will need for the code in the worksheet to run).

Getting the package

You can find the package on the downloads page, or on PyPI.

Getting the sheets

The worksheets are built by Travis CI, and a tarballs are output to the livewires-worksheet S3 bucket; a nice viewer for the contents is available here.

About the course

On the LiveWires Scripture Union camp in 1999, we taught a computer language called Python for the first time. We've carried on using it on the holiday every summer since then.

To help us teach Python to the young people on the holiday, the LiveWires team produced a set of worksheets and a Python package (the LiveWires package) to go with them. We've decided to make these available to the world at large under open source licences. “Open source” means that, subject to a few conditions, anyone can copy and modify this work. It's our way of giving something back to the Python community. (See the licence for more details.)

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