Library that adds the ability to reverse-engineer classes, interfaces, functions, constants and more.
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PHP Reflect

PHP Reflect is a library that adds the ability to reverse-engineer classes, interfaces, functions, constants, namespaces, traits and more.

Both were distributed as source code (install via composer) and a PHAR version that bundles all dependencies in a single file.

Follow development on the official Blog.

Have a look on branch 3.1 for previous stable API 3.1


You can either :

  • download the phar version 4.0.1

  • install via packagist the current source dev-master or the stable version 4.0.1


The documentation for PHP Reflect 4.0 is available in English to read it online or download to read it later (multiple formats).

AsciiDoc source code are available on docs folder of the repository.


  • Laurent Laville


This handler is licensed under the BSD-3-clauses License - see the LICENSE file for details