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This adds an instcombine matcher for code that attempts to perform signed
saturating arithmetic by casting to a higher type. Unsigned cases are already
matched, this adds extra matches for the more complex signed cases, which
involves matching the min(max(add a b)) nodes with proper extends to ensure

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The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for LLVM,
a toolkit for the construction of highly optimized compilers,
optimizers, and runtime environments.

LLVM is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the terms of
the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.

Please see the documentation provided in docs/ for further
assistance with LLVM, and in particular docs/GettingStarted.rst for getting
started with LLVM and docs/README.txt for an overview of LLVM's
documentation setup.

If you are writing a package for LLVM, see docs/Packaging.rst for our