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Readme for Viscacha


  1. Download the installation package from the Viscacha homepage!
  2. Upload all files per ftp onto your server.
  3. Call the "install/" directory in the Viscacha-root-directory and follow the steps.
  4. You have a "fresh" Viscacha-Installation on your server.

Note: More information on how to set up the CHMODs you can get while installing the application. In the Admin CP you can also see a more detailed list of the required CHMODs.


  1. Make a complete backup of your data (FTP + MySQL)!
  2. Download the update package from the Viscacha homepage!
  3. Upload the install/ directory
  4. Execute the update script (Call the "install/" directory).
  5. Follow all the steps while the update script is running.
  6. After the update is ready and you are back in your Admin Control Panel, please check for updates of your installed packages!

Note: You can only upgrade from Viscacha To update from a prior version you have to update to Viscacha first.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements:

  • PHP Version: 7.0 and above
  • PHP-Extensions: mysqli, pcre, gd, zlib
  • MySQL Version: 5.0 and above

Recommended system requirements:

  • PHP Version: 7.0 and above
  • PHP-Extensions: mysqli, pcre, gd, zlib, xml, mime_magic, mbstring, sockets, xdiff, ftp
  • MySQL Version: 5.0 and above (Strict mode off)

If you are testing Viscacha, please give me some feedback how Viscacha worked, which errors occurred and which server configuration was used.

Following information are useful for us:

  • Operating system (of the server)
  • Server software and version
  • E-mail-server (SMTP, Sendmail, PHP's mail() function)
  • MySQL version (strict mode enabled?)
  • PHP version and configuration (e.q. through phpinfo() page)


Please contact us only through our support forums on!

Bugtracker and ToDo List: