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Adafruit GFX compatible library for NeoPixel based Matrices using FastLED library
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FastLED NeoMatrix: Matrix with FastLED using Adafruit::GFX API

Blog post with details and pictures:

Adafruit_GFX and FastLED-compatible library for NeoPixel matrices and grids. Controls single and tiled NeoPixel displays.
This library requires FastLED and Adafruit_GFX libraries as well as this base class library:

You can find a lot of demo code here: as well as a big integrated demo here:

This library requires:

This code was taken from Adafruit_NeoMatrix and adapted to work with the more powerful FastLED library. The reasons for using FastLED instead of Adafruit::Neopixel as a backend, include:

Video demo:

164_20170424_adafruit_gfx_on_neomatrix_32x32 171_20170424_adafruit_gfx_on_neomatrix_32x32

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