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GitHub Action

Figma Action

v1.0.0-alpha.2 Pre-release

GitHub action for exporting Figma components

npm version

A GitHub action that will export Figma components from design files to your repository.


Example workflow

action "Export SVG from Figma" {
  uses = "primer/figma-action@1.0.0"
  secrets = [
  env = {
    "FIGMA_FILE_URL" = ""
  args = [



FIGMA_TOKEN (required)

This token is used to access the Figma API. It's required to generate one so this action will work. It's recommended to set the token in a secret token in your repository.

env variables

FIGMA_FILE_URL (required)

This is the file url that you would like to export from. The action will search the file for components and export them with your configurations.

Workflow args (optional)

  • format – The export format for exporting from Figma. Options are svg, jpg, png. Default is jpg
  • outputDir – Where you would like the exported files to live. Default is ./build/
  • scale – When choosing an image format jpg or png this is the export scale between 0.01 and 4 that will allow you to scale the image. Default is 1.


The output of this action lives in ./build/ by default, but can be configured. In addition to the files exported you will see a data.json file exported. This contains information about the exported components mapped by component id.

The directory will look like this:

  ├── format/
  |     └── componentName.format
  └── build.json

The build.json file will look like this:

  "0:639": {
    "name": "plus", // component name
    "id": "0:639", // component figma id
    "key": "89696b0b52493acc8692546ac829bd4e334c63a2", // component global figma id
    "file": "FP7lqd1V00LUaT5zvdklkkZr", // figma file key
    "description": "keywords: add, new, more", // figma component description
    "width": 12, // width of the component frame
    "height": 16, // height of the component frame
    "image": "" // aws URL for the exported file


MIT © GitHub

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