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JavaLoader is a library that has been built to ease the use, development and integration of Java within ColdFusion applications.

It has several key features:

  1. Dynamically loading Java libraries without having to place them on the ColdFusion classpath
  2. Dynamically compiling Java code to be utilised within ColdFusion Applications
  3. Providing a Java Dynamic Proxy for ColdFusion Components to allow for seamless interoperability between Java and ColdFusion Components
  4. Spring integration with ColdFusion Components
  5. and more...

Development Guide

  1. Class Loading
  2. Dynamic Compilation
  3. ColdFusion Component Dynamic Proxy
  4. ColdFusion Spring Integration
  5. Switching the ThreadContextClassLoader
  6. Examples
  7. Memory Consumption
  8. Integration
  9. Shared Hosting