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Dropwizard Metrics UI

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Dropwizard Metrics UI is a Dropwizard Bundle that exposes the registered Dropwizard Metrics and displays its core metrics in a dashboard.


Just add the following dependency to your pom.xml:


And then register the MetricsUIBundle to your Dropwizard application inside the Application#initialize method:

public void initialize(Bootstrap<HelloWorldConfiguration> bootstrap) {
    bootstrap.addBundle(new MetricsUIBundle());

By default it will be available through the administrative environment at http://localhost:8081/admin/.

Advanced Usage

The Dropwizard Metrics UI leverages the already available Dropwizard Metrics REST endpoints and can only be deployed together in the same environment (usually the administrative environment).

You may override the default /admin path through the MetricsUIBundle constructor:

public void initialize(Bootstrap<HelloWorldConfiguration> bootstrap) {
    bootstrap.addBundle(new MetricsUIBundle("/dashboard/*"));

If you want full customization power you may register the underlying MetricsUIServlet servlet manually:

public void run(Environment environment) {
            .addServlet("Dropwizard Metrics UI", new MetricsUIServlet())


Please file bug reports and feature requests in GitHub issues.


Copyright (c) 2018 Rafael Marmelo

This library is licensed under the MIT License.