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MumbleSharp is Mumble client library and sample client implementations in C#.

MumbleSharp Logo

The library targets .NET Standard 2.1 and 2.0

The sample client implementations targets .NET 6.0

Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application.

The solution comes in two parts:

  1. The MumbleSharp Library
    • MumbleSharp is the actual MumbleSharp library which is a class library for building mumble clients.
  2. Demo implementations available on GitHub
    • MumbleClient is a console mumble client, a console application to use for testing and learning.
    • MumbleGuiClient is a winform mumble client, a minimalistic client but fully functional: channels display and switching, message chat, voice support, playback/recording device selection and a very basic voice detection.

NuGet Package

You may find the MumbleSharp library as a NuGet package:

Package Name Version
MumbleSharp MumbleSharpShield

Quick Start

As you can see from the MumbleClient's Program.cs creating a new client is very simple:

  1. Implement IMumbleProtocol and implement methods to respond to messages of different types however you wish.
  2. Use a MumbleConnection to connect to a server.

Work In Progress

The library nearly supports all non-voice things that Mumble can do. For voice it only supports Opus encoded packets (Opus is Mumble's primary codec).


We're working on MumbleSharp in our spare time but are very happy to receive contributions. If you're thinking of contributing create an issue and assign-it to yourself and we'll try to give you any advice we can to achieve whatever you want, and that's a good way to make sure no one else is duplicating your work as well as being a good place to have discussions.

When contributing it's often useful to reference the Mumble source code.

Things To Do

If you want to contribute here's some ideas:

Jitter Buffer

There is no jitter buffering at the moment. Port the jitter buffering from mumble or implement your own. AudioBuffer.cs is probably the correct place to start doing this.

Other Codecs

Supporting other codecs should be relatively simple. For CELT you'll need to find the correct version of the DLL (check out the Mumble-Protocol.pdf for the version) and then write a wrapper with P/Invoke. For Speex you should be able to use NSpeex.

Looking For VoIP In Unity?

Martin Evans developed a VoIP asset for Unity: Dissonance Voice Chat