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@imhappi imhappi released this 14 Aug 21:00


Elevation Overlays within default component styles have been replaced by the new Tonal Surface Color system. Instead of blending the Primary color with the Surface color based on an elevation value, components will now use a specific Surface color role which can be more easily understood and customized.

Documentation for the affected components and which Surface color roles they use has been updated in 2114a11.

Dependency Updates

  • No dependency updates.

Library Updates

  • BottomNavigationView
    • Set badges to be null instead of removing them from the sparse array so that removing badges before restoring badge states will not override the current state (9f2e686)
  • Carousel
    • Fix issue with next carousel item not being masked properly (a16f180)
    • Add a layout listener to recyclerview to refresh keyline state upon size change (ff52862)
    • Add carousel alignment attribute (547156e)
    • Fix issue with not refreshing keylines (674ec44)
    • Fix MaskableFrameLayout not updating mask after size change when setting the mask using setMaskXPercentage. (14023d2)
    • Adding docs for fullscreen carousel strategy (7c40359)
  • Catalog
    • Remove default list from Carousel catalog demos as it is not an example of a carousel (0171624)
    • Apply edge-to-edge to bottom sheet in Carousel demo (6c2dd5d)
    • Fix fullscreen vertical carousel to use vertical dividers (af7d09a)
    • Add alignment option to hero carousel (7cfd30f)
  • Chip
    • Fix a typo in attributes table in documentation (7289aa6)
  • Divider
  • Documentation
    • Crosslink github docs in javadocs (e3b255b)
    • Cross-reference and DAC in Github docs (1785bbf)
  • Color
    • Token upgrade to v0.170 for tonal surface colors. (8204856)
    • Update dev docs for tonal surface colors in affected components. (2114a11)
    • Add default framework text colors (d3dda60)
    • Update contrast documentation (1d3b8e1)
    • Add shift to dynamic colors allowlist (fde37cf)
    • Expose attr contrastColorThemeOverlay (839b14c)
    • Update constructor comments (ba465a2)
  • Predictive Back
    • Fix IllegalStateException crashes caused by MaterialBackAnimationHelper. (02dc779)
    • Fixed UnsupportedOperationException AnimatorSet crash in SearchView. (f101532)
  • ProgressIndicator
    • Allows extending LinearProgressIndicator and CircularProgressIndicator (3b0fd58)
  • Search
    • Enforce outline variant to use colorSurface as container color. (720998d)
    • Add support to set a default content description if a content description is not set explicitly. (c15a323)
  • SideSheet
    • Add left sheet/sheet edge documentation. (d440e3c)
    • Fix mixed language snippet (f91f17b)
  • Switch
    • Amendments to thumb icon size support (db9a641)
  • Theming
    • Fix swapped error colors for dynamic contrast theme in light mode (f2ccc11)
  • TopAppBar
    • Add getMaterialShapeBackground() to return a MaterialShapeDrawable object of the background (non-lifted layer). (c7a0adf)
    • Update the handling of liftOnScrollColor not override android:background. (2b476b3)
  • Snackbar
    • Consistently use window coordinates to calculate Snackbar offsets. In one place screen and window coordinates are mixed, which leads to bad behavior in split screen apps. (57b2663)
  • Other
    • Updating library version to 1.11.0-alpha02 (c04eaba)
    • Delete BackLayer component (4c89301)
    • Stop running Robolectric tests on APIs < 19. (0a6a8a9)
    • Fix corrupt gradle jar file. (ed9b541)
    • Upgrade Gradle to 7.6.2. (04c0582)

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