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An Experimental WASM Virtual Machine for Gophers
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CircleCI MIT License

A minimal implementation of v1 WASM spec compatible virtual machine purely written in go. The vm can be embedded in your go program without any dependency like cgo, and enables Gophers to write wasm host environments easily.

The vm should be used only for providing sandbox environments embedded in your Go program since we have not implemented validation of wasm binary.

The implementation is quite straightforward and I hope this code would be a good starting point for novices to learn WASM spec.


Full examples can be found at:

call expoerted function from host

func Test_fibonacci(t *testing.T) {
	buf, _ := ioutil.ReadFile("wasm/fibonacci.wasm")
	mod, _ := wasm.DecodeModule(bytes.NewBuffer(buf))
	vm, _ := wasm.NewVM(mod, wasi.Modules)

	for _, c := range []struct {
		in, exp int32
		{in: 20, exp: 6765},
		{in: 10, exp: 55},
		{in: 5, exp: 5},
	} {
		ret, _, _ := vm.ExecExportedFunction("fib", uint64(
		require.Equal(t, c.exp, int32(ret[0]))

call host function from WASM module

func Test_hostFunc(t *testing.T) {
	buf, _ := ioutil.ReadFile("wasm/host_func.wasm")
	mod, _ := wasm.DecodeModule(bytes.NewBuffer(buf))

	var cnt uint64  // to be incremented as hostFunc is called

	// host functions must be defined in the form of `Virtual Machine closure` generator
	// in order to access VM state to get things done
	hostFunc := func(*wasm.VirtualMachine) reflect.Value {
		return reflect.ValueOf(func() {

	builder := hostfunc.NewModuleBuilderWith(wasi.Modules)
	builder.MustSetFunction("env", "host_func", hostFunc)
	vm, _ := wasm.NewVM(mod, builder.Done())

	for _, exp := range []uint64{5, 10, 15} {
		vm.ExecExportedFunction("call_host_func", exp)
		require.Equal(t, exp, cnt)
		cnt = 0

🚧 WASI support 🚧

WebAssembly System Interface(WASI) will partly be supported in wasi package. Currently only fd_write is implemented and you can see it works in examples/panic example where the WASM module causes panic and the host prints the message through fd_write ABI.


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