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  1. MathJax MathJax Public

    Beautiful and accessible math in all browsers

    9.8k 1.1k

  2. MathJax-node MathJax-node Public

    MathJax for Node

    JavaScript 604 105

  3. MathJax-docs MathJax-docs Public

    MathJax documentation. Beautiful math in all browsers. Beautifully documented.

    Python 533 236

  4. MathJax-third-party-extensions MathJax-third-party-extensions Public

    A collection of MathJax extensions provided by third-party contributors

    JavaScript 76 31

  5. MathJax-a11y MathJax-a11y Public

    MathJax Accessibility extensions

    JavaScript 35 18

  6. MathJax-src MathJax-src Public

    MathJax source code for version 3 and beyond

    TypeScript 1.9k 194


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