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ddale commented Jun 20, 2011

Original report at SourceForge, opened Fri Nov 5 15:30:30 2010

There seems to be a memory leak when running the example code on windows. The task manager reports an increasing
number for used memory when running a modiefed version that does not
exit after 200 iterations. The leak seems to be in the draw_idle()

Are there any known work arounds for this?

Best regards,
Ulf Larsson

SourceForge Comments

On Tue Nov 30 14:13:19 2010, mdboom wrote:

Probably not helpful -- but here's a data point: On RHEL5 with Python 2.5, wxPython, matplotlib 1.x branch, I can't reproduce the memory leak.

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  • On Fri Nov 5 15:30:31 2010, by ujl: File Added: 392365:
pelson commented Sep 2, 2012

This was using the old animation technique. It may be that the issue still exists with this older technique, but I suspect it is limited, and will now be having little to no impact. Closing this, but if anybody is able to reproduce this we can re-open.

@pelson pelson closed this Sep 2, 2012
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