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Dec 12, 2017

This — is The Construct

Chat in

The community's own Matrix server. It is designed to be fast and highly scalable, and to be developed by volunteer contributors over the internet. This mission strives to make the software easy to understand, modify, audit, and extend.

Matrix is about giving you control over your communication; Construct is about giving you control over Matrix. Your privacy and security matters. We encourage you to contribute new ideas and are liberal in accepting experimental features.

Getting Started

  1. git clone The latest commit on the master branch should be tagged for release. Please checkout the latest tag to be sure; in case of serious regression, we may delete a tag until it is fixed.

  2. See the BUILD instructions to compile Construct from source.

  3. See the SETUP instructions to run Construct for the first time.

  4. See the TUNING guide to optimize Construct for your deployment.


See the TROUBLESHOOTING guide for solutions to possible problems.

See the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for answers to the most common perplexities.



Generate doxygen using doxygen ./Doxyfile the target directory is doc/html. Browse to doc/html/index.html.


See the ARCHITECTURE summary for design choices and things to know when starting out.


See the STYLE guide for an admittedly tongue-in-cheek lecture on the development approach.


  • Phase Zero: Core libircd: Utils; Modules; Contexts; JSON; Database; HTTP; etc...
  • Phase One: Matrix Protocol: Core VM; Core modules; Protocol endpoints; etc...
  • Phase Two: Construct Cluster: Kademlia sharding of events; Maymounkov's erasure codes.
Operating a Construct server which is open to public user registration is unsafe. Local users may
be able to exceed resource limitations and deny service to other users.
  • Personal: Dozens of users. Few default restrictions; higher log output.
  • Company: Hundreds of users. Moderate default restrictions.
  • Public: Thousands of users. Untrusting configuration defaults.

Due to the breadth of the Matrix client/server protocol we can only endorse production use of Construct gradually while local user restrictions are developed. This notice applies to locally registered users connecting with clients, it does not apply to federation.