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Fix handling of redactions of redactions #5788

merged 5 commits into from Aug 12, 2019


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commented Jul 29, 2019

When a redaction is redacted, we should strip out the content of the original redaction, including the "reason" field. Since 0f2ecb9, this has been broken. The challenge is to fix it in a way that does not reintroduce the bug which that commit fixed.

The approach taken here is to make sure we pull any redaction events we might need out of the database before we start turning any events into EventCacheEntries, so even a loop will be correctly handled.

The commits in this PR should be independently reviewable. It starts with a couple of refactors which (a) modify the interface to _fetch_event_list and (b) break _enqueue_events in half.

The third commit adds the loop which recursively fetches redactions until we have found the ends of the redaction tree, and the fourth finally fixes the problem by passing all the fetched events into _maybe_redact_event_row.

@richvdh richvdh referenced this pull request Jul 29, 2019

@richvdh richvdh force-pushed the rav/metaredactions branch from f324d7c to 5c3eecc Jul 29, 2019

@richvdh richvdh requested a review from matrix-org/synapse-core Jul 29, 2019


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Member Author

commented Jul 29, 2019


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commented Jul 29, 2019

Codecov Report

Merging #5788 into develop will increase coverage by 0.02%.
The diff coverage is 90.38%.

@@             Coverage Diff             @@
##           develop    #5788      +/-   ##
+ Coverage    63.42%   63.44%   +0.02%     
  Files          331      331              
  Lines        36519    36529      +10     
  Branches      6038     6038              
+ Hits         23161    23176      +15     
+ Misses       11710    11708       -2     
+ Partials      1648     1645       -3
The deferreds are callbacked with a dictionary mapping from event id
to event row. Note that it may well contain additional events that
were not part of this request.

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erikjohnston Jul 30, 2019


Should this not be in a Returns?

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richvdh Jul 30, 2019

Author Member

well no, because it doesn't return it. It sends it into the Deferreds which get passed in.

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erikjohnston Jul 30, 2019


Oh, duh, sorry, yes.

@richvdh richvdh merged commit fb86217 into develop Aug 12, 2019

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codecov/patch 90.38% of diff hit (target 0%)
codecov/project 63.44% (target 0%)

@richvdh richvdh deleted the rav/metaredactions branch Aug 12, 2019

@richvdh richvdh added this to In progress in Homeserver Task Board via automation Aug 12, 2019

@richvdh richvdh moved this from In progress to Done in Homeserver Task Board Aug 12, 2019

babolivier added a commit that referenced this pull request Aug 15, 2019
Merge tag 'v1.3.0'
Synapse 1.3.0 (2019-08-15)


- Fix 500 Internal Server Error on `publicRooms` when the public room list was
  cached. ([\#5851](#5851))

Synapse 1.3.0rc1 (2019-08-13)


- Use `M_USER_DEACTIVATED` instead of `M_UNKNOWN` for errcode when a deactivated user attempts to login. ([\#5686](#5686))
- Add sd_notify hooks to ease systemd integration and allows usage of Type=Notify. ([\#5732](#5732))
- Synapse will no longer serve any media repo admin endpoints when `enable_media_repo` is set to False in the configuration. If a media repo worker is used, the admin APIs relating to the media repo will be served from it instead. ([\#5754](#5754), [\#5848](#5848))
- Synapse can now be configured to not join remote rooms of a given "complexity" (currently, state events) over federation. This option can be used to prevent adverse performance on resource-constrained homeservers. ([\#5783](#5783))
- Allow defining HTML templates to serve the user on account renewal attempt when using the account validity feature. ([\#5807](#5807))


- Fix UISIs during homeserver outage. ([\#5693](#5693), [\#5789](#5789))
- Fix stack overflow in server key lookup code. ([\#5724](#5724))
- no longer uses deprecated cli option. ([\#5725](#5725))
- Log when we receive an event receipt from an unexpected origin. ([\#5743](#5743))
- Fix debian packaging scripts to correctly build sid packages. ([\#5775](#5775))
- Correctly handle redactions of redactions. ([\#5788](#5788))
- Return 404 instead of 403 when accessing /rooms/{roomId}/event/{eventId} for an event without the appropriate permissions. ([\#5798](#5798))
- Fix check that tombstone is a state event in push rules. ([\#5804](#5804))
- Fix error when trying to login as a deactivated user when using a worker to handle login. ([\#5806](#5806))
- Fix bug where user `/sync` stream could get wedged in rare circumstances. ([\#5825](#5825))
- The script was fixed. ([\#5839](#5839))

Deprecations and Removals

- Synapse now no longer accepts the `-v`/`--verbose`, `-f`/`--log-file`, or `--log-config` command line flags, and removes the deprecated `verbose` and `log_file` configuration file options. Users of these options should migrate their options into the dedicated log configuration. ([\#5678](#5678), [\#5729](#5729))
- Remove non-functional 'expire_access_token' setting. ([\#5782](#5782))

Internal Changes

- Make Jaeger fully configurable. ([\#5694](#5694))
- Add precautionary measures to prevent future abuse of `window.opener` in default welcome page. ([\#5695](#5695))
- Reduce database IO usage by optimising queries for current membership. ([\#5706](#5706), [\#5738](#5738), [\#5746](#5746), [\#5752](#5752), [\#5770](#5770), [\#5774](#5774), [\#5792](#5792), [\#5793](#5793))
- Improve caching when fetching `get_filtered_current_state_ids`. ([\#5713](#5713))
- Don't accept opentracing data from clients. ([\#5715](#5715))
- Speed up PostgreSQL unit tests in CI. ([\#5717](#5717))
- Update the coding style document. ([\#5719](#5719))
- Improve database query performance when recording retry intervals for remote hosts. ([\#5720](#5720))
- Add a set of opentracing utils. ([\#5722](#5722))
- Cache result of get_version_string to reduce overhead of `/version` federation requests. ([\#5730](#5730))
- Return 'user_type' in admin API user endpoints results. ([\#5731](#5731))
- Don't package the sytest test blacklist file. ([\#5733](#5733))
- Replace uses of returnValue with plain return, as returnValue is not needed on Python 3. ([\#5736](#5736))
- Blacklist some flakey tests in worker mode. ([\#5740](#5740))
- Fix some error cases in the caching layer. ([\#5749](#5749))
- Add a prometheus metric for pending cache lookups. ([\#5750](#5750))
- Stop trying to fetch events with event_id=None. ([\#5753](#5753))
- Convert RedactionTestCase to modern test style. ([\#5768](#5768))
- Allow looping calls to be given arguments. ([\#5780](#5780))
- Set the logs emitted when checking typing and presence timeouts to DEBUG level, not INFO. ([\#5785](#5785))
- Remove DelayedCall debugging from the test suite, as it is no longer required in the vast majority of Synapse's tests. ([\#5787](#5787))
- Remove some spurious exceptions from the logs where we failed to talk to a remote server. ([\#5790](#5790))
- Improve performance when making `.well-known` requests by sharing the SSL options between requests. ([\#5794](#5794))
- Disable codecov GitHub comments on PRs. ([\#5796](#5796))
- Don't allow clients to send tombstone events that reference the room it's sent in. ([\#5801](#5801))
- Deny redactions of events sent in a different room. ([\#5802](#5802))
- Deny sending well known state types as non-state events. ([\#5805](#5805))
- Handle incorrectly encoded query params correctly by returning a 400. ([\#5808](#5808))
- Handle pusher being deleted during processing rather than logging an exception. ([\#5809](#5809))
- Return 502 not 500 when failing to reach any remote server. ([\#5810](#5810))
- Reduce global pauses in the events stream caused by expensive state resolution during persistence. ([\#5826](#5826))
- Add a lower bound to well-known lookup cache time to avoid repeated lookups. ([\#5836](#5836))
- Whitelist history visbility sytests in worker mode tests. ([\#5843](#5843))
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