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Mautic Community 4.4.10

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@github-actions github-actions released this 05 Sep 10:50

What's Changed

馃悰 Bugs

  • AJAX requests use the site_url instead of the current domain [backport] by @nick-vanpraet in #12042
  • ensure the elfinder paths are within the default firewall, so rememberme functionality works (backport) by @mollux in #12433
  • ensure dependencies use a compatible version of psr/simple-cache - 4.4 by @mollux in #12453
  • Fixing point translation (M4) by @escopecz in #12499
  • ensure only leads from a company are shown on a the company detail overview - 4.4 by @mollux in #12466
  • re-add missing commit to fix incorrect reporting dates by @mollux in #12541
  • Update analytics.js to gtag to support ga4 by @martoboto in #12525
  • Switching contact import to finish in background causes 500 by @nick-vanpraet in #12538
  • Fixes #11888 for mailjet puts only : in lead_donotcontact.comment by @beetofly in #11912
  • Fix: Integration Campaign Members List issue by @irfanhanfi in #12058
  • add codecov token to reduce the number of failed tests due to report upload failures - 4.4 by @mollux in #12610
  • Fix Dynamic content block in email behaving differently in first save and edit [4.4] by @danadelion in #12634

Full Changelog: 4.4.9...4.4.10

SHA1( 8da80700b742d67dc7d952196adf0506b2ba0535
SHA1( 1666330e723e8516e1980631f8f51ded9af4b383