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Review the license!!

You may not use BirdNET-Pi to develop a commercial product!!!!


A realtime acoustic bird classification system for the Raspberry Pi 4B, 400, 3B+, and 0W2

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BirdNET-Pi is built on the BirdNET framework by @kahst using pre-built TFLite binaries by @PINTO0309 . It is able to recognize bird sounds from a USB microphone or sound card in realtime and share its data with the rest of the world.

Check out birds from around the world

Currently listening in these countries . . . that I know of . . .

  • The United States
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • France
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Scotland
  • Norway
  • England
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • Croatia
  • Belgium
  • Israel
  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • Costa Rica
  • The Philippines
  • Hungary
  • South Sudan
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Thailand
  • Colombia
  • Estonia
  • Tasmania
  • Luxembourgh
  • Crete


  • 24/7 recording and automatic identification of bird songs, chirps, and peeps using BirdNET machine learning
  • Automatic extraction and cataloguing of bird clips from full-length recordings
  • Tools to visualize your recorded bird data and analyze trends
  • Live audio stream and spectrogram
  • Automatic disk space management that periodically purges old audio files
  • BirdWeather integration -- you can request a BirdWeather ID from BirdNET-Pi's "Tools" > "Settings" page
  • Web interface access to all data and logs provided by Caddy
  • GoTTY Web Terminal
  • Tiny File Manager
  • FTP server included
  • SQLite3 Database
  • Adminer database maintenance
  • phpSysInfo
  • Apprise Notifications supporting 70+ notification platforms
  • Localization supported


  • A Raspberry Pi 4B, Raspberry Pi 400, Raspberry Pi 3B+, or Raspberry Pi 0W2 (The 3B+ and 0W2 must run on RaspiOS-ARM64-Lite)
  • An SD Card with the 64-bit version of RaspiOS installed (please use Bullseye) -- Lite is recommended, but the installation works on RaspiOS-ARM64-Full as well. Downloads available within the Raspberry Pi Imager.
  • A USB Microphone or Sound Card


A comprehensive installation guide is available here.

Please note that installing BirdNET-Pi on top of other servers is not supported. If this is something that you require, please open a discussion for your idea and inquire about how to contribute to development.

Raspberry Pi 3B[+] and 0W2 installation guide available here

The system can be installed with:

curl -s | bash

The installer takes care of any and all necessary updates, so you can run that as the very first command upon the first boot, if you'd like.

The installation creates a log in $HOME/installation-$(date "+%F").txt.


The BirdNET-Pi can be accessed from any web browser on the same network:

  • http://birdnetpi.local OR your Pi's IP address
  • Default Basic Authentication Username: birdnet
  • Password is empty by default. Set this in "Tools" > "Settings" > "Advanced Settings"

Please take a look at the wiki and discussions for information on


Use the web interface and go to "Tools" > "System Controls" > "Update." If you encounter any issues with that, or suspect that the update did not work for some reason, please save its output and post it in an issue where we can help.


/usr/local/bin/ && cd ~ && rm -drf BirdNET-Pi

Troubleshooting and Ideas

*Hint: A lot of weird problems can be solved by simply restarting the core services. Do this from the web interface "Tools" > "Services" > "Restart Core Services" Having trouble or have an idea? Submit an issue for trouble and a discussion for ideas. Please do not submit an issue as a discussion -- the issue tracker solicits information that is needed for anyone to help -- discussions are not for issues.

PLEASE search the repo for your issue before creating a new one. This repo has nothing to do with the validity of the detection results, so please do not start any issues around "False positives."


Please join a Discussion!! and please join BirdWeather!! I hope that if you find BirdNET-Pi has been worth your time, you will share your setup, results, customizations, etc. HERE and will consider making your installation public.

Cool Links


The bird names are in English by default, but other localized versions are available thanks to the wonderful efforts of @patlevin. Use the web interface's "Tools" > "Settings" and select your "Database Language" to have the detections in your language.

Current database languages include the list below:

Language Missing Species out of 6,362 Missing labels (%)
Afrikaans 5774 90.76%
Catalan 544 8.55%
Chinese 264 4.15%
Croatian 370 5.82%
Czech 683 10.74%
Danish 460 7.23%
Dutch 264 4.15%
Estonian 3171 49.84%
Finnish 518 8.14%
French 264 4.15%
German 264 4.15%
Hungarian 2688 42.25%
Icelandic 5588 87.83%
Indonesian 5550 87.24%
Italian 524 8.24%
Japanese 640 10.06%
Latvian 4821 75.78%
Lithuanian 597 9.38%
Norwegian 325 5.11%
Polish 265 4.17%
Portuguese 2742 43.10%
Russian 808 12.70%
Slovak 264 4.15%
Slovenian 5532 86.95%
Spanish 348 5.47%
Swedish 264 4.15%
Thai 5580 87.71%
Ukrainian 646 10.15%


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Are you a lucky ducky with an extra Raspberry Pi 4B lying around? Here's an idea!


A realtime acoustic bird classification system for the Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, and 0W2 built on the TFLite version of BirdNET.








  • PHP 55.3%
  • JavaScript 33.1%
  • Shell 4.8%
  • Python 4.5%
  • HTML 1.3%
  • CSS 1.0%