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digitalwrite jQuery plugin

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jQuery plugin to write charecters in digital format in a 5x5 matrix. Output looks something like this:


Using this plugin, you can create such charecters with animations, color options & size options! In future it may enable you to transform one charecter to another - that should be kinda cool!

Live Demo & more information -

Its live on:

How to use: (Read More)

  • Create a div
<div id="M_Placeholder"></div>
  • Include jQuery and this library and in js
   $("#M_Placeholder").digitalwrite({char: 'M'});

This will create a 5X5 digital M with width = 100px & height = 500px, in black color. These properties can be customised as follows:

char - (required) Charecter to print, (A-Z, '.', '!') supported
height - height of the charecter in px
width - width of the charecter in px
background - background color of the blocks, ex red, rgba(255, 0, 0, 1)
border - border property of the blocks, ex 1px solid red, 2px dotted black
animation - how the blocks animate to form the charecter at the end. Categories are: none, motion, spiral, contract & fade of these spiral & fade are experimental and buggy!
success - (function) callback called when charecter has been printed on screen
timeout - control speed of animation, value in ms, 500, default

So if we use everything it would look something like

    char: 'M',
    height: 120,
    width: 120,
    background: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, .1)',
    border: '1px dased black',
    animate: 'contract',
    success: function() {'Charecter M ready');

You can also convert a text to other text!

$("#M_Placeholder").transformTo('K', function() {'successfully transformed to K');  

Image M will transform to Image K with animation!

For more information view documentation


Different possible animations are: none, motion, spiral, contract & fade screenshot

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