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A curated list of awesome Sanic resources and extensions
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Awesome Sanic Awesome

A curated list of awesome Sanic resources and extensions
Sanic is an Async Python 3.5+ web server that's written to go fast

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  • Sanic CRUD: CRUD REST API generation with peewee models.
  • Sanic-GraphQL: GraphQL integration with Sanic
  • Sanic-RestPlus: A port of Flask-RestPlus for Sanic. Full-featured REST API with SwaggerUI generation.
  • Sanic-Transmute: A Sanic extension that generates APIs from python function and classes, and also generates Swagger UI/documentation automatically.


  • Sanic-JWT: Authentication extension for JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
  • Sanic-OAuth: OAuth Library with many provider and OAuth1/OAuth2 support.
  • Sanic-Token-Auth: Simple token-based authentication.


  • Pytest-Sanic: A pytest plugin for Sanic. It helps you to test your code asynchronously.
  • Sanic-OpenAPI: OpenAPI support, plus a Swagger UI.




  • GINO: A lightweight asynchronous ORM based on SQLAlchemy core, with asyncpg dialect and Sanic extension.
  • Sanic-Motor: Simple motor wrapper.

Requests and Responses


  • Cookiecutter-Sanic: Get your sanic application up and running in a matter of second in a well defined project structure. Batteries included for deployment, unit testing, automated release management and changelog generation.


  • Sanic Sessions: Support for sessions. Allows using redis, memcache or an in memory store.


  • Python-Paginate: Simple pagination support.
  • Sanic-Dispatch: A dispatcher inspired by DispatcherMiddleware in werkzeug. Can act as a Sanic-to-WSGI adapter.
  • Sanic-EnvConfig: Pull environment variables into your sanic config.




Videos and Podcasts

Built with Sanic

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The following is a list of Sanic in production use.

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