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* nativesdk: Add some tools in a separate recipe

This brings ATM:
- clippy
- rustfmt

Another approach might be to include these into the existing rust recipe,
but as we can't really use PACKAGECONFIG here it might just overload it.
This way, the tools will be built in parallel and still can be excluded
from the packgae group, if desired.

Signed-off-by: Anatol Belski <>

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This OpenEmbedded layer provides the rust compiler, tools for building packages (cargo), and a few example projects.

What works:

  • Building rust-native and cargo-native
  • Building Rust based projects with Cargo for the TARGET
    • e.g. rustfmt which is used by the CI system
  • -buildsdk and -crosssdk packages

What doesn't:

  • Using anything but x86_64 as the build environment
  • rust (built for target) issue #81

What's untested:

  • cargo (built for target)

Building a rust package

When building a rust package in bitbake, it's usually easiest to build with cargo using cargo.bbclass. If the package already has a Cargo.toml file (most rust packages do), then it's especially easy. Otherwise you should probably get the code building in cargo first.

Once your package builds in cargo, you can use cargo-bitbake to generate a bitbake recipe for it. This allows bitbake to fetch all the necessary dependent crates, as well as a pegged version of the index, to ensure maximum reproducibility.

NOTE: You will have to edit the generated recipe based on the comments contained within it



  • TARGET_SYS must be different from BUILD_SYS. This is due to the way Rust configuration options are tracked for different targets. This is the reason we use the Yocto triples instead of the native Rust triples. See rust-lang/cargo#3349.


On the host:

  • Any -sys packages your project might need must have RDEPENDs for the native library.

On the target:

  • Any -sys packages your project might need must have RDEPENDs for the native library.

Maintainer(s) & Patch policy

Open a Pull Request.

The master branch supports the latest master of poky. When poky creates releases, we will create a branch with the same name as the poky release. This release branch should always work with that poky release. Note that these release branches will typically be less tested than the master branch.

All new patches against rust, rust-llvm, and cargo must have referenced upstream issues or PRs opened or an explanation why the patch cannot be upstreamed. This cooresponds to the OpenEmbedded policy for other meta layers.

More info can be seen on the wiki.


MIT OR Apache-2.0 - Same as rust