CLI tool for analyzing and summarizing go test output. Pipe friendly. CI/CD friendly.
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tparse Build Status Coverage

A command line tool for analyzing and summarizing go test output.

Don't forget to run go test with the -json flag.

Pass Fail

By default, tparse will always return test failures and panics, if any, followed by a package-level summary table.

To get additional info on passed tests run tparse with -pass flag. Tests are grouped by package and sorted by elapsed time in descending order (longest to shortest).

But why?! for more info.


go get

Or download the latest pre-built binary here.


Once tparse is installed there are 2 ways to use it:

  1. Run go test as normal, but add -json flag and pipe output to tparse.
go test fmt -json | tparse -all
  1. Save the output of go test with -json flag into a file and call tparse with filename as an argument.
go test fmt -json > fmt.out
tparse -all fmt.out

Tip: run tparse -h to get usage and options.

But why?!

go test is awesome, but a bit verbose. Sometimes one just wants failures, grouped by package, printed with a dash of color and bubbled to the top.

tparse attempts to do just that; return failed tests and panics, if any, followed by a single package-level summary.

But, let's take it a bit further. With -all (-pass and -skip combined) can get additional info, such as which tests were skipped and elapsed time of each passed test.

tparse comes with a -dump flag to replay everything that would have otherwise been printed. Enabling users to retrieve original go test output. Eliminating the need for tee /dev/tty between pipes.

The default print order is:

  • go test output (if adding -dump flag)
  • passed/skipped table (if adding -all, -skip or -pass flag)
  • failed tests and panics
  • summary

The default print order can be reversed with -top flag.

For narrow displays the -smallscreen flag may be useful, dividing a long test name and making it vertical heavy:



tparse aims to be a simply alternative to one-liner bash functions.

P.S. tparse uses itself in the travis pipeline: