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A simple offline html, css, javascript playground that allows you to incorporate multiple files.
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Simple Coding Playground

I love coding playgrounds like JSFiddle, JSBin, kodeWeave, Dabblet, etc: Yet all these editors have a HUGE flaw. None of them allow the user to create additional files.

Plunker is one of the few coding playgrounds that allows users to create additional files. However what I don't like about it is all your files only show up in 1 editor. Meaning if you're working on your html file you don't see your javascript, or css code until you select that file. Which makes it less productive than it could be.

I created this coding playground as a template for a solution to solve those problems.




This Coding Playground uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • jQuery - duh
  • JQWidgets - awesome plugin for resizable columns
  • Codemirror - awesome web-based text editor
  • node-webkit - makes web apps run on desktops (comes built with node.js)
  • Inlet - awesome inline color picker and numeric slider for Codemirror
  • Emmet - Codemirror Plugin for Zen Coding
  • Showdown - Markdown to HTML converter
  • HTMLHint - for html syntax validation
  • CSSLint - for css syntax validation
  • JSHint - for javascript syntax validation

This application was built using node-webkit on Mac Yosemite. Which means it can easily be ported over to Windows or Linux using either node-webkit (for 32bit processors) or Electron (for 64bit processors)

You can use WebDGap to export your application or this app's source code as a Windows, Linux or Mac application.


Want to contribute? Great!

You can also submit a pull request here on Github or simply share it with your friends :)

Project is Officially Discontinued!

You can show your appreciation by Donating via SquareCash and/or PayPal


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