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GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio Code
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Review and manage your GitHub pull requests directly in VS Code

This extension allows you to review and manage GitHub pull requests in Visual Studio Code. The support includes:

  • Authenticating and connecting VS Code to GitHub.
  • Listing and browsing PRs from within VS Code.
  • Reviewing PRs from within VS Code with in-editor commenting.
  • Validating PRs from within VS Code with easy checkouts.
  • Terminal integration that enables UI and CLIs to co-exist.


Getting Started

It's easy to get started with GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio Code. Simply follow these steps to get started.

  1. Make sure you have VSCode version 1.27.0 or higher.
  2. Download the extension from the marketplace.
  3. Reload VS Code after the installation (click the reload button next to the extension).
  4. Open your desired GitHub repository.
  5. If you're using version 0.5.0 of the extension or higher, a new viewlet should be added to the bottom of the activity bar. For older versions, the GitHub Pull Requests treeview will appear in the SCM Viewlet.
  6. You may need to configure the githubPullRequests.remotes setting, by default the extension will look for PRs for origin and upstream. If you have different remotes, add them to the remotes list.
  7. A notification should appear asking you to sign in to GitHub; follow the directions to authenticate.
  8. You should be good to go!

Configuring the extension

There are several settings that can be used to configure the extension.

As mentioned above, githubPullRequests.remotes is used to specify what remotes the extension should try to fetch pull requests from.

To customize the pull request tree, you can use the githubPullRequests.queries setting. This setting is a list of labels and search queries which populate the categories of the tree. By default, these queries are "Waiting For My Review", "Assigned To Me", and "Created By Me". An example of adding a "Mentioned Me" category is to change the setting to the following:

"githubPullRequests.queries": [
		"label": "Waiting For My Review",
		"query": "is:open review-requested:${user}"
		"label": "Assigned To Me",
		"query": "is:open assignee:${user}"
		"label": "Created By Me",
		"query": "is:open author:${user}"
		"label": "Mentioned Me",
		"query": "is:open mentions:${user}"

Queries use GitHub search syntax.

To view additional settings for the extension, you can open VS Code settings and search for "github pull requests".


This extension is still in development, so please refer to our issue tracker for known issues, and please contribute with additional information if you encounter an issue yourself.

Questions? Authentication? GitHub Enterprise?

See our wiki for our FAQ.


Total alerts

If you're interested in contributing, or want to explore the source code of this extension yourself, see our contributing guide, which includes:

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