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PouchDB is a pocket-sized database.
Pull request Compare This branch is 2113 commits behind pouchdb:master.
Latest commit 35e5479 Apr 18, 2013 @neojski neojski committed with daleharvey (#683) - introduce attachmentsFilter
So that adapters get a function to filter apropriate attachments
and don't have to worry about the logick.

Rework get a little so that it follows node callback style (err, res)
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docs Change prefix to _pouch_ for better readability Apr 8, 2013
src (#683) - introduce attachmentsFilter Apr 19, 2013
tests (#683) - add unexistent attachment test Apr 19, 2013
Gruntfile.js (#612) - Follow up to fix test target Mar 29, 2013
LICENSE Added Apache 2.0 License Mar 24, 2012
manifest.json enable eval() in chrome packaged app Mar 21, 2013
package.json Fix paths for Jam package manager Apr 16, 2013

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