python wrapper for Firebase's REST API
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mikexstudios Closes #3 (reported by espeed). Fixed the __request() method
returning r.json instead of r.json().

The problem stemmed from a change in the requests library documented in
in commit fe0b0a989fad80a300d2cf940d58370d13cc9e42 where r.json is
updated to r.json(). To prevent issues with updates in dependencies, I
locked the requests library to version 1.2.* in
Latest commit fc0597a Apr 30, 2013

python-firebase by Michael Huynh (


A very simple wrapper for Firebase's REST API.

How to use

  1. Install python-firebase using pip:

    pip install -e git://

    or with easy_install (not recommended):


    Note that python-firebase depends on requests (, a REST/http client for python. If you used pip or easy_install, the dependency should automatically be installed.

  2. Then simply import firebase at the top of your python script:

    from firebase import Firebase

    and then instantiate Firebase, passing in your root url:

    f = Firebase('')

    You may optionaly pass a Firebase authentication token to secure your calls:

    f = Firebase('', auth_token="<my_firebase_auth_token>")

    Now call the different methods of the Firebase class (see the Firebase REST API page: and the source of firebase/ for what methods are available and how to call them). For example, to push a list of data:

    f = Firebase('')
    r = f.push({'user_id': 'wilma', 'text': 'Hello'})

    The response r is a dictionary containing Firebase's REST response:



django-firebase is BSD licensed.