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Osclass by Mindstellar

A free and open source script by Mindstellar

What is Osclass?

Osclass is a free and open script to create your advertisement or listings site. Best features: Plugins, themes, multi-language, CAPTCHA, dashboard, SEO friendly.

How to install Osclass?

To install Osclass you need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the latest zip package of Osclass from GitHub Release and unpack it in your web-server root, i.e. public_html directory.
  2. Execute the Osclass installation script by accessing index.php oc-includes/osclass/install.php from your browser:
    • If you’ve installed it in the domain’s root directory, you’ll have to go to: or directly to
    • If you’ve installed it in a subdirectory inside the domain, classifieds, for example, go to: or directly to
      This will lead you to osclass inbuilt installer.
  3. Follow Osclass installer instructions:
    • Step 3.1

      Make sure the server has the required permissions to write in the files and directories specified. This will allow you to create a basic configuration file as well as upload images, documents, etc.
    • Step 3.2

      Add your access details to the database. If you haven’t created it yet, the installer will ask for another account with permissions that will allow to do it for you.
    • Step 3.3

      Add the basic installation details and select your classifieds site’s country.
    • Step 3.4

      Step-3 Installation finished. Use the automatically-generated password to access your admin panel (

How to get the latest version?

Checkout our GitHub Release section to get latest version of osclass.

Do not use master branch for your deployment, it may include untested code. Only use zip file provided in our release section.

Run osclass locally using Docker

First Clone the repository and the submodules.

$> git clone --recursive


Once you're done, simply cd to Osclass directory and run docker-compose up -d. This will initialise and start all the containers, then leave them running in the background.

  • Services exposed outside your environment

    You can access your application via localhost, if you're running the containers directly. nginx and mailhog both respond to any hostname, in case you want to add your own hostname on your /etc/hosts

    Service Address outside containers
    Webserver localhost:5000
    PhpMyAdmin web interface localhost:5001
    MySQL host: localhost; port: 5002
    Mailhog web interface localhost:5003
  • Hosts for osclass docker environment

    You'll need to configure osclass to use enabled services:

    Service Hostname Port number
    php-fpm php-fpm 9000
    MySQL mysql 3306 (default)
    Memcached memcached 11211 (default)
    SMTP (Mailhog) mailhog 1025 (default)
  • Docker compose cheatsheet

    Note: you need to cd first to where your docker-compose.yml file lives.

    • Start containers in the background: docker-compose up -d
    • Start containers on the foreground: docker-compose up. You will see a stream of logs for every container running.
    • Stop containers: docker-compose stop
    • Kill containers: docker-compose kill
    • View container logs: docker-compose logs
    • Execute command inside of container: docker-compose exec SERVICE_NAME COMMAND where COMMAND is whatever you want to run. Examples:
    • Shell into the PHP container, docker-compose exec php-fpm bash
    • Open a mysql shell, docker-compose exec mysql mysql -uroot -pCHOSEN_ROOT_PASSWORD

Pull Request

Want to help create a pull request from you clone, just make sure of few things

  • Never target master-branch
  • Target develop branch if you want to merge your fixes.
  • Request a feature branch if your pull request make major changes in our project or if you really need one.
  • Create a new issue before making any pull request.


For any support related query, please visit our official support forum.

Installation Guide

Project info


With Osclass, get your own classifieds site for free. Build your own Osclass installation and start advertising real estate, jobs or whatever you want- in minutes!