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Methods Table

Miningpoolhub supports some API methods to fetch information in JSON format. This list reflects the current state of the API. All methods used are called via:


This table lists all methods and their arguments available.

Token: Requires a valid API Key (api_key in the URL); Admin: Y, requires admin, B, with or without admin, N, no admin required

API Action Arguments Desctipion Token
getminingandprofitsstatistics none Get mining profits statistics N
getautoswitchingandprofitsstatistics none Get current auto switching info N
getuserallbalances none Get all currency's balances Y
getblockcount none Get current block height in blockchain Y
getblocksfound none Get last N blocks found as configured in admin panel Y
getblockstats none Get pool block stats Y
getcurrentworkers none Get amount of current active workers Y
getdashboarddata id Fetch all dashboard related information Y
getdifficulty none Get current difficulty in blockchain Y
getestimatedtime none Get estimated time to next block based on pool hashrate (seconds) Y
gethourlyhashrates none Currently broken Y
getnavbardata none Get the data displayed on the navbar Y
getpoolhashrate none Get current pool hashrate Y
getpoolinfo none Get the information on pool settings Y
getpoolsharerate none Get current pool share rate (shares/s) Y
getpoolstatus none Fetch overall pool status, only user token is required Y
gettimesincelastblock none Get time since last block found (seconds) Y
gettopcontributors none Fetch top contributors data Y
getuserbalance id Fetch a users balance Y
getuserhashrate id Fetch a users hash rate Y
getusersharerate id Fetch a users share rate Y
getuserstatus id Fetch a users overall status Y
getusertransactions id Get a users transactions Y
getuserworkers id Fetch a users worker status Y
public none Fetch public pool statistics, no authentication required N
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