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Asset management for Python web development.
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.idea PyCharm: Make project group with our extensions.
docs "Merge pull request #369 from jirikuncar/patch-1\n\nAdd automodule of…
examples This is the output of python-modernize.
src/webassets By decoding the resulting string from compass, we support files with …
tests By decoding the resulting string from compass, we support files with …
.gitignore Painful work to make the test suite work again.
.travis.yml PyPy builds now, disallow failures on Travis.
AUTHORS Make the JST filter differentiate between JST_COMPILER = False or None.
CHANGES don't choke on empty files
LICENSE added bsd license info List files for sdist more explicitly.
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RELEASING No longer host docs ourselves, remove scripts.
TODO Removed TODO.
requirements-dev-2.x.pip Use Pillow instead of PIL
requirements-dev.pip "Merge pull request #352 from sirex/libsass\n\nLibsass filter, fixes #… Do not force sudo for external requirements. Painful work to make the test suite work again.
setup.cfg Integrated Sphinx with distutils; Documentation files are now packaged. Fix imports.
tox.ini Figured out the travis/ruby gem issue.


Asset management application for Python web development - use it to merge and compress your JavaScript and CSS files.

Documentation: travis

Since releases aren't exactly happening on a regular schedule, you are encouraged to use the latest code. webassets is pretty well tested, so as long as the build status icon above remains a reassuring green, you shouldn't run into any trouble.

You can download a tarball of the development version, or install it via pip install webassets==dev.


For development, to run all the tests, you need to have at least Java 7 installed (required for example to run the Google closure filter).

  1. Install Python requirements (preferable in a virtual env):

    $ pip install -r requirements-dev.pip
    $ pip install -r requirements-dev-2.x.pip
  2. Install other requirements:

    $ ./
  3. Run the tests:

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