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Asset management for Python web development.
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.idea PyCharm: Make project group with our extensions.
docs "Merge pull request #353 from fladi/slimit\n\nSupport Slimit as a JS …
examples This is the output of python-modernize.
src/webassets improve Sass imports explanation when filter is used as output
tests Fix unit tests
.gitignore Painful work to make the test suite work again.
.travis.yml PyPy builds now, disallow failures on Travis.
AUTHORS Make the JST filter differentiate between JST_COMPILER = False or None.
CHANGES don't choke on empty files
LICENSE added bsd license info List files for sdist more explicitly.
README.rst "Merge pull request #382 from john2x/improve-readme\n\nAdd developmen…
RELEASING No longer host docs ourselves, remove scripts.
TODO Removed TODO.
requirements-dev-2.x.pip Use Pillow instead of PIL
requirements-dev.pip "Merge pull request #352 from sirex/libsass\n\nLibsass filter, fixes #… Do not force sudo for external requirements. Painful work to make the test suite work again.
setup.cfg Integrated Sphinx with distutils; Documentation files are now packaged. Fix imports.
tox.ini Figured out the travis/ruby gem issue.


Asset management application for Python web development - use it to merge and compress your JavaScript and CSS files.

Documentation: travis

Since releases aren't exactly happening on a regular schedule, you are encouraged to use the latest code. webassets is pretty well tested, so as long as the build status icon above remains a reassuring green, you shouldn't run into any trouble.

You can download a tarball of the development version, or install it via pip install webassets==dev.


For development, to run all the tests, you need to have at least Java 7 installed (required for example to run the Google closure filter).

  1. Install Python requirements (preferable in a virtual env):

    $ pip install -r requirements-dev.pip
    $ pip install -r requirements-dev-2.x.pip
  2. Install other requirements:

    $ ./
  3. Run the tests:

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