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Hop on Discord! ✌

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This snippet adds a floating action button that links to your Discord server! The look of it is quite similiar to the Intercom live chat button, which means many users are familiar with the concept of a chat button. The snippet is styled to imitate the Discord UI and works everywhere.

Learn more

Features 😎

  • Pretty freaking beautiful, to be honest
  • Very compact (~7kb uncompressed)
  • Simple to add & tweak
  • Dark & light modes
  • Can change accent color
  • Maintainable SCSS using BEM
  • Minimal JavaScript
  • No dependencies
  • Works everywhere
  • No tracking


Copy and paste the contents of either snippet-dark.html or snippet-light.html to inside your , change some details and it's show time!

Contribute ❀

Feel free to make a pull request or open an issue on GitHub.

Legal πŸ“š

This project is NOT affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Discord and should not be confused for an official product.

MIT © Mantas Vilčinskas