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Programming Languages and Verification Group at MIT CSAIL

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  1. fiat-crypto fiat-crypto Public

    Cryptographic Primitive Code Generation by Fiat

    Coq 695 143

  2. bedrock2 bedrock2 Public

    A work-in-progress language and compiler for verified low-level programming

    Coq 283 55

  3. riscv-semantics riscv-semantics Public

    A formal semantics of the RISC-V ISA in Haskell

    Haskell 146 15

  4. fiat fiat Public

    Mostly Automated Synthesis of Correct-by-Construction Programs

    Coq 145 33

  5. kami kami Public

    A Platform for High-Level Parametric Hardware Specification and its Modular Verification

    Coq 141 24

  6. koika koika Public

    A core language for rule-based hardware design 🦑

    Coq 129 9


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