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An AI-powered search engine with a generative UI.



Please note that there are differences between this repository and the official website The official website is a fork of this repository with additional features such as authentication, which are necessary for providing the service online. The core source code of Morphic resides in this repository, and it's designed to be easily built and deployed. When using Morphic, please keep in mind the different roles of the repository and the website.

πŸ” Overview

πŸš— Roadmap [WIP]

  • Enable specifying the model to use (only writer agent)
  • Implement search history functionality
  • Develop features for sharing results
  • Implement functionality to get answers from specified URL
  • Add video support for search functionality
  • Implement RAG support

🧱 Stack

πŸš€ Quickstart

1. Fork and Clone repo

Fork the repo to your Github account, then run the following command to clone the repo:

git clone[YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT]/morphic.git

2. Install dependencies

cd morphic
bun install

3. Setting up Upstash Redis

Follow the guide below to set up Upstash Redis. Create a database and obtain UPSTASH_REDIS_REST_URL and UPSTASH_REDIS_REST_TOKEN. Refer to the Upstash guide for instructions on how to proceed.

4. Fill out secrets

cp .env.local.example .env.local

Your .env.local file should look like this:

# OpenAI API key retrieved here:

# Tavily API Key retrieved here:

# Upstash Redis URL and Token retrieved here:

Note: This project focuses on Generative UI and requires complex output from LLMs. Currently, it's assumed that the official OpenAI models will be used. Although it's possible to set up other models, if you use an OpenAI-compatible model, but we don't guarantee that it'll work.

5. Run app locally

bun dev

You can now visit http://localhost:3000.

🌐 Deploy

Host your own live version of Morphic with Vercel or Cloudflare Pages.


Deploy with Vercel

Cloudflare Pages

  1. Fork the repo to your GitHub.
  2. Create a Cloudflare Pages project.
  3. Select Morphic repo and Next.js preset.
  4. Set OPENAI_API_KEY and TAVILY_API_KEY env vars.
  5. Save and deploy.
  6. Cancel deployment, go to Settings -> Functions -> Compatibility flags, add nodejs_compat to preview and production.
  7. Redeploy.

The build error needs to be fixed: issue

βœ… Verified models

List of verified models that can be specified to writers.

  • Groq
    • LLaMA3 8b
    • LLaMA3 70b