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Learn Nipype with these tutorial notebooks - go here to see them online -->
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Nipype Tutorial Notebooks

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This is the Nipype Tutorial in Jupyter Notebook format. You can access the tutorial in two ways:

  1. Nipype Tutorial Homepage: This website contains a static, read-only version of all the notebooks.
  2. Nipype Tutorial Docker Image: This guide explains how to use Docker to run the notebooks interactively on your own computer. The nipype tutorial docker image is the best interactive way to learn Nipype.

Feedback, Help & Support

If you want to help with this tutorial or have any questions, feel free to fork the repo of the Notebooks or interact with other contributors on the slack channel If you have any questions or found a problem, open a new issue on github.

Thanks and Acknowledgment

A huge thanks to Michael Waskom, Oscar Esteban, Chris Gorgolewski and Satrajit Ghosh for their input to this tutorial! And a huge thanks to Dorota Jarecka who updated this tutorial to Python 3 and is helping me with keeping this tutorial updated and running!

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