Obsolete twisted-based python async interface for old MS OneDrive API
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Deprecation Notice: this module uses obsolete API and haven't been maintained for a while, use official onedrive-sdk-python module or something built on it instead.

Twisted-based python async interface for OneDrive API (version 5.0) (formerly known as SkyDrive).

API is mostly the same as in python-onedrive module (txOneDriveAPI class maps to OneDriveAPIWrapper, txOneDrive to OneDriveAPI) - methods are re-used directly from classes there, so more info on these can be found in that project.

Key difference from synchronous python-onedrive module is that all methods return twisted Deferred objects as scheduled to run by event loop, allowing to run multiple operations (like large file uploads) concurrently within one python process.

Service was called SkyDrive prior to 2014-02-19, when it got renamed to OneDrive. This package similarly renamed from txskydrive to txonedrive.

Usage Example

Following script will print listing of the root OneDrive folder, upload "test.txt" file there, try to find it in updated folder listing and then remove it.

from twisted.internet import defer, reactor
from txonedrive.api_v5 import txOneDrivePersistent

def do_stuff():
	api = txOneDrivePersistent.from_conf()

	# Print root directory ("me/skydrive") listing
	print list(e['name'] for e in (yield api.listdir()))

	# Upload "test.txt" file from local current directory
	file_info = yield api.put('test.txt')

	# Find just-uploaded "test.txt" file by name
	file_id = yield api.resolve_path('test.txt')

	# Check that id matches uploaded file
	assert file_info['id'] == file_id

	# Remove the file
	yield api.delete(file_id)

do_stuff().addCallback(lambda ignored: reactor.stop())

Note that txOneDriveAPIPersistent convenience class uses Microsoft LiveConnect authentication data from "~/.lcrc" file, which must be created as described in more detail in python-onedrive docs.


In case you've missed Deprecation Notice at the start of this file:

It's a regular package for Python 2.7 (not 3.X).

Using pip is the best way:

% pip install txonedrive

If you don't have it, use:

% easy_install pip
% pip install txonedrive

Alternatively (see also):

% curl https://raw.github.com/pypa/pip/master/contrib/get-pip.py | python
% pip install txonedrive

Or, if you absolutely must:

% easy_install txonedrive

But, you really shouldn't do that.

Current-git version can be installed like this:

% pip install 'git+https://github.com/mk-fg/txonedrive.git#egg=txonedrive'

Note that to install stuff in system-wide PATH and site-packages, elevated privileges are often required. Use "install --user", ~/.pydistutils.cfg or virtualenv to do unprivileged installs into custom paths.