@mmistakes mmistakes released this Sep 6, 2017 · 557 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Add .page__comments-form to "non-printing" selectors in print styles. [#1195]
  • Add LinkedIn and Steam author sidebar examples to _config.yml. [#1203] [#1204]
  • Remove the http-equiv="cleartype" meta tag. [#1087]
  • Clarify documentation for jekyll-archives plugin and how to install. [#1206]
  • Clarify documentation around taxonomy page and index generation. [#1207]
  • Fix "Posts by tag" grammar in documentation. [#1209]
  • Improve Chinese date_label and minute_read translations in ui-text.yml. [#1205] [#1211]
  • Add note to Quick-Start Guide about GitHub Pages hosting alternatives that allow 3rd party gem themes and Jekyll plugins.
  • Add note to configuration documentation about Cloudflare minification as an alternative to layout: compress. [#1217]
  • Show 4 latest posts in "You May Also Enjoy" module when related: true and no related posts are found due to lsi (latent semantic indexing) being disabled on GitHub Pages. [#554]
  • Truncate archive item titles' that overflow with an ellipsis. [#1213]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix license URL in README file. [#1189]
  • Reduce amount of blank pages when printing in Chrome. [#1196]
  • Remove #disqus_thread duplicate from comments-providers/disqus.html as it is already in comments.html include. [#1199]
  • Fix Liquid syntax errors in tag-list.html and category-list.html includes by removing parenthesis in assigns. [#1223]
  • Fix Liquid syntax error: "Expected id but found open_square in "{{page.[include.id] }}"" in gallery and feature_row includes.
  • Fix Liquid syntax error: "Expected end_of_string but found pipe in "name in __names | sort"" in group-by-array include.