Gips – A Mac app and Finder extension to handle basic image processing
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Gips is a Mac app and finder extension that handles basic image processing such as resizing.

Open sourcing Gips

Gips is a gui wrapper around sips (scriptable image processing system) – a command line tool on OS X that allows you to resize photos. I built Gips because:

  1. As I helped migrate some long time Windows folks over to OS X, some of them photographers, I realized that they were missing the ImageMagick image resampling app that was commonly available on Windows, so Gips was intended to provide some of the same functionality
  2. I wanted to learn native OSX development in Objective-C and thought this would be a fun project to go around tinkering with native development.

I had originally planned on releasing Gips on the app store at a small price point, however, at some point, I stopped active development on this project, still using what I had built on a fairly regular basis.

I've decided to open source in the hopes that people looking for a similar tool have access to it, and potentially see if other folks want to build on top of and improve this project.

Next steps

Over the next couple of weeks, time permitting, I want to look into the following:

  • Publishing a build for the app via Github, for people to use directly
  • Better documenting the existing codebase, dev workflow