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Apache 2 Swift3 macOS tuxOS

mod_swift allows you to write native modules for the Apache Web Server in the Swift 3 programming language. Server Side Swift the right way.

Checkout the mod_swift for more information.

This repository provides a Homebrew tap (repository) from which you can easily install mod_swift.


More detailed instructions can be found in the mod_swift documentation.

Install on macOS using Homebrew

Got no Homebrew? Get it!

Before you install mod_swift, we highly recommend that you install or reinstall the Homebrew Apache w/ HTTP/2 and the MPM event module:

brew reinstall httpd --with-mpm-event --with-http2

You can also add --with-privileged-ports if you want to use such.

Then add the mod_swift tap and install mod_swift:

brew tap modswift/mod_swift
brew install mod_swift

(yes, the account is just modswift w/o underscore due to GitHub limitations)

Check whether the installation is OK:

You can call swift apache validate to make sure the installation is OK:

$ swift apache validate
The Swift Apache build environment looks sound.

srcroot:   /Users/helge/dev/Swift/Apex3
module:    mods_Apex3
config:    debug
product:   /Users/helge/dev/Swift/Apex3/.build/mods_Apex3.so
apxs:      /usr/local/bin/apxs
mod_swift: /usr/local
swift:     3.1.0
cert:      self-signed-mod_swift-localhost-server.crt
http/2:    yes

More Information

Checkout our website: mod-swift.org.


mod_swift is brought to you by ZeeZide. We like feedback, GitHub stars, cool contract work, presumably any form of praise you can think of.

There is a #mod_swift channel on the Noze.io Slack if you have any questions.