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Welcome to Mojo 🔥

Mojo is a new programming language that bridges the gap between research and production by combining Python syntax and ecosystem with systems programming and metaprogramming features. Mojo is still young, but it is designed to become a superset of Python over time.

See here to get started with Mojo. Then, when you want to report issues or request features, please create a GitHub issue here.

This repo is the beginning of our Mojo open source effort. We've started with Mojo code examples and documentation, and we'll add the Mojo standard library as soon as we get the necessary infrastructure in place. The challenge is that we use Mojo pervasively inside Modular and we need to make sure that community contributions can proceed smoothly with good build and testing tools that will allow this repo to become the source of truth (right now it is not). We'll progressively add the necessary components, such as continuous integration, build tools, and more source code over time.

If you see anything in the examples or docs that can be improved, we'd love to accept your contributions. Please first read to our Contributor Guide.

For more general questions or to chat with other Mojo developers, check out our Discord.

To learn more about Mojo, see the Mojo Manual.

Thanks To Our Contributors: