A complete starting app for developing universal React/Redux web apps with generators, best practices and more
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Generators, best practices and a complete starting app for developing universal React/Redux web app
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Racket is a yeoman generator for creating universal/isomorphic web applications. One of the pains for developers who want to use React or want to develop universal apps was knowing which libraries to choose and how tie them up! Racket responds to this issue by giving you the option to choose the tools/technologies that you prefer the most and offering a good structure that you can maintain for years!

No need to copy or fork, just use the command-line generator!

Creating, developing and maintaining a universal react app had never been so easy!

Live running demo

Suggestion: I do recommend to create a simple app with React + Redux yourself, before using Racket.

Racket Screencast


First, note that you need to use npm 3. If you have not upgraded to npm 3, run:

npm i -g npm@3

Install yo and generator-racket via npm:

npm i -g yo generator-racket

Create a directory for your app and cd into it:

mkdir my-awesome-app
cd my-awesome-app

Then run the following command to start creating your app.

yo racket


From each item with multiple options, you can choose the one you prefer:



To generate a component run:

yo racket:component <component-name> [--stateless]


To generate a new route and component run:

yo racket:route <component-name>

Redux module

To generate a redux module run:

yo racket:redux-module <name>