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Important Note

Official Docker containers made in conjunction with the Selenium team are available at:

Docker image for Selenium Hub


Either git pull and build this docker image yourself, or pull down the version you need from the docker index.

$ sudo docker pull momer/docker-selenium-hub:1.0.0

(note: Replace 1.0.0 with up-to-date version if any, check DockerHub page for more info about this image)


This was designed to work with MaestroNG. You can either set your container to use that, or, start this container by passing the necessary environment variables:

$ SELENIUM_CONTAINER=$(sudo docker run -e "SELENIUM_HUB_PORT=4444" -e "SELENIUM_HUB_TIMEOUT=300000" -e "SELENIUM_HUB_MAX_SESSION=15" -p 4444:4444 -d momer/selenium:`version`)

Selenium hub is now available on port 4444 at the host and container.