Oracle XE Server configured for Moodle development
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moodle-db-oracle: Oracle XE for Moodle

Build Status

An Oracle XE instance configured for Moodle development based on wnameless/docker-oracle-xe-11g

Example usage

docker run --name db0 -p 1521:1521 moodlehq/moodle-db-oracle


  • Oracle XE setup and preconfigured with user and moodlelib package installed (ready for Moodle install)
  • Backed by automated tests

See also

This container is part of a set of containers for Moodle development, see also:

  • moodle-docker a docker-composer based set of tools to get Moodle development running with zero configuration
  • moodle-php-apache PHP and Apache configured for Moodle development
  • moodle-db-mssql Microsoft SQL Server for Linux configured for Moodle development